Thursday, September 8, 2011

Monster Bookmarks Tutorial

I recently came across this idea on pinterest (my new obsession) and was so excited to give it a shot.  It was very easy to do and would be a great crafts project for preschoolers (if you cut the template out for them).  I made one for my three year old, and one for me (the hubby's is still in progress):

And the great thing is, they really are functional bookmarks:

To make these bookmarks I measured out three equal squares (2.5 inches each) in this arrangement:

Then I drew a line through the two side squares:

Now cut out your shape (the shaded part gets cut off and can be reused as liners for your finished product if you'd like).  You will be left with one full square and two triangles.

Lastly, fold along the two sketched lines and clue your two together and decorate!  Happy reading!

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