Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Playtime Breakfast and a Yummy Lunch

My son and I had a great time playing with his breakfast play-doh set this morning. I got a little carried away:

But for lunch we had great (and edible) pesto chicken salad sandwiches. I used some left over Costco rotisserie chicken (the best deal in town) which I chopped into cubes and mixed with a little mayo and some pesto which I made and froze last week. I also had some purple basil from our CSA. "CSA" stands for community supported agriculture and essentially you buy a season's worth of veggies from a local farm and each week of the growing season you receive a variety of freshly harvested produce from the farm. It is a great way to buy local, and often organic, while cutting out the middle man. See below for the pesto recipe. All the quantities are pretty flexible and it freezes great so I always make a large amount and then freeze it. We put it on everything(pasta, sandwiches, hamburgers, artichokes, etc).

Pesto Recipe:
1/3 cup of almonds or pine nuts
2 cloves garlic or some equivalent amount of powdered garlic (I just dump some in)
2 1/2 cups of loosely packed basil (this is vague, sorry, but it doesn't matter super much)
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup parmesan

1) Separate basil from large stems, figure out how many cups you have and base rest of inredients on how much pesto you have (double batch? Triple?)
2) Grind (blender is fine) nuts and garlic cloves together - if using powdered garlic, add garlic at next step
3) Add basil and olive oil (and garlic powder if appropriate), chop this
4) Add parmesan, mix
5) May or may not want to add a bit of salt later, to taste

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