Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rainbow Bath Paint

I bought my son some bathtub crayons recently which I thought would be great...until we started using them.  They stained his hands and last for about three baths before they run out....not to mention they are not cheap considering how long they last.  I came across this idea recently and had to give it a shot.

You will need:
Inexpensive white shaving cream (I don't think shaving gel would work so well)
Food coloring
A palette (I used a cupcake pan, which worked great).

Fill each cupcake mold full of shaving cream and add in about four to six drops of food coloring.  That's it!

The vibrant colors were fun to mix too:

We had a blast playing with it and since shaving cream doesn't sting when it gets in your eyes, it is the perfect toddler bath activity.  It washed easily off our walls and didn't stain any fingers.  Also, isn't shaving cream basically soap?  We did a little body painting too!

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